For the last 8 years, Syx Langemann had offered workshops, both locally and nationally. Please check out the list below for detailed information about the offerings.

Workshops at Milestones Studios
Focus on flash - $30
8 Week Flash Intensive
Starting May 8, 7pm-10pm
Focus on Flash....In this hands on, 8 week program, your skilled instructor Syx Langemann will teach you everything you need to know about using your flash effectively and efficiently. As part of the program's core, we will be doing lots of hands-on shooting both in-studio and on-location designed for you to practice and develop the skills taught in class.

In a day and age where our flashes are small and powerful enough to fit in our hands, it is important that we understand HOW to use this tool to properly to create powerful photos on a consistant basis.

In this class, you will learn how to use your flash ( on camera & off ) in both manual,TTL and automatic modes. We will be focused on ONE LIGHT FLASH with an emphisis on bounce, fill flash,flash ratios, and balancing flash with ambient light. Learn to control your flash instead of allowing your flash to control you !!

Rotating between class room instruction, practical assignments, and instructor review, you will learn to work creatively with one single flash.

The 8 week course will run on Monday nights from 7 to 10 pm at Milestone Photography Studio starting May 8,2017. Cost of the course is $350 and as usual comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Logical Lightroom - $350
8 Week In Depth Lightroom
Starting May 10th, 7pm-10pm
This 8 week Adobe Lightroom course will introduce the students to all modules of Lightroom with emphasis placed upon creating & streamlining your own personal workflow.
From tethered capture to editing, and concepts for organization, this class will help you fully utilize Lightroom.
This demonstration will also include rating, starring, and keywording as well as creating smart collections, slideshows, and sharing of your images with the new Lightroom plug-ins. We will also discuss the use of multiple computers with Lightroom as well as using multiple catalogues.
This course is directed at photographers with minimal knowledge of Lightroom. If your skills are more advanced please check the detailed topic list below or contact us to determine whether this workshop is right for you.
During this course we will cover the entire Lightroom workflow including capturing, cataloging, sorting, editing, developing and outputting your images.
Each student is required to have a current working version of Lightroom (there is free 30-day trial you can download from and must provide and bring their own computer.

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